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Purposeful Play – Kristine Mraz, Alison Porcelli, Cheryl Tyler
Purposeful Play: A Teacher’s Guide to Igniting Deep & Joyful Learning Across the Day (2016) By Kristine Mraz, Alison Porcelli, Cheryl
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Kathy Collins and Matt Glover I am Reading: Nurturing Young Children’s Meaning Making and Joyful Engagement with Any Book (2015)
Book Review - Angeline Aow My son is three years old. We recently went on a one-month holiday to visit
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Jo Fahey I am Reading: Ways to Learn Through Inquiry: Guiding Children to Deeper Understanding (2012)
Book Review - Angeline Aow When you meet Jo Fahey in person, you are met first with a smile and
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Alistair Bryce-Clegg | “Continuous Provision: The Skills” 2015
For Early Years teachers, the topic of how to provide their students with truly meaningful and effective learning opportunities during
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