In Oct 2018 the International Baccalaureate will release the long-awaited Primary Years Programme (PYP) Principles into Practice. Elements of this new curriculum framework have slowly been released over the last year and it has ignited a buzz of critical conversations across the PYP community. In anticipation of the release of these Enhancements, Angeline Aow has interviewed a number of leading PYP educators from around the world about their thoughts, hopes, expectations and developing understanding of the upcoming enhancements.

In this episode, Angeline interviews Bodo Heiliger who is the Head of Elementary at The International School in Portland, Oregon, about the enhancements related to collaboration within The Learning Community. Here they discuss how collaborative planning can be structured and supported to facilitate transdisciplinary teaching and learning, student involvement in collaborative learning teams and how the standards are developing in terms of collaboration requirements.

Prior to working in Portland, Bodo was the PYP Coordinator at Munich International School, and has served in many leadership and teaching roles at various schools across the United States and Germany. Currently, in addition to his role as Head of Elementary, he works as a PYP Workshop Leader and School Visit Team Member, as well as a Critical Friends Group Coach, and Lynn Erickson Concept-based Curriculum and Instruction consultant. In addition to following Bodo on Twitter, you can find out more about Bodo’s thoughts on his website at

Professional Learning International would like to note that these podcasts have been developed independently from the IB and were created with the intent to promote understanding, implementation and in support of educators around the globe. All content are the individuals’ perspectives and are interpretations of programme documentation that these IB Educators have access to through their IB schools and IB Educator Network roles. 

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