How can we teach our students how to take meaningful action that makes a difference in the world and enhances their learning? In this episode Cathryn Berger Kaye from CBK Associates is interviewed by Angeline Aow about her approach to service learning. Cathryn is an author and international educator who travels over 200 days annually throughout the United States and globally providing professional learning programs, conference keynotes, in-depth institutes, custom designed curricula, and onsite assistance to schools. She works with educators to develop and enhance their approaches to service learning, 21st century competencies and approaches to learning, social and emotional realms, school climate and culture, youth leadership, effective teaching strategies, and environmental sustainability.

To find out more about Cathryn, visit her website or follow her on Twitter @CBKaye. You can also follow Angeline and Professional Learning International to find out more about upcoming events in your area.

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