Jennifer Abrams, is a “voice coach,” who is based in Palo Alto, California. She works as an international educational  and communications consultant for public and independent schools, hospitals, universities and non-profits. In this episode with Angeline Aow, she talks about coaching, voice, relationships and what is means to have hard conversations in a humane way.

Jennifer’s publications include Having Hard Conversations, The Multigenerational Workplace and Hard Conversations Unpacked. She is also currently working on a new book and Jennifer writes a monthly newsletter/blog, Voice Lessons, which you can read and subscribing to on her website, You can follow Jennifer, Angeline, and Professional Learning International on Twitter to stay up to date with news, conversations and events.

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    • Kim

      Hi Jennifer,

      I heard you speak in Auckland New Zealand a few years ago and was wondering if you are planning to head back to NZ in 2019? If so my organisation BestStart Educare may be interested in you presenting some professional learning.



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