Professional Learning for International Educators

Partnerships & Additional Services

Professional Learning International aims to make professional development more affordable and accessible for international educators and schools.  We find the best way to do this is to partner with schools to host workshops. Teachers from the host school receive a discount. We market the workshop to other teachers in your area. Everyone attends at an affordable rate and everyone benefits from the opportunity to collaborate.

There are three ways you can partner with Professional Learning International:

  • We will market workshops that a host school chooses to run, reducing the cost to your school.
  • Your school can regularly host workshops that we are running in your area.
  • We can arrange workshops exclusively for your school.

Concept-Based Curriculum & Instruction Workshops 

Rachel French is based in Europe and delivering concept-based curriculum and instruction workshops tailored to the needs of your school.

Sample Workshops

  • Concept-based curriculum and instruction for the thinking classroom (Early Years to Grade 12)
  • Developing concept- based scope and sequence curriculum documents (Early Years to Grade 12)
  • Designing Concept-Based Units for Primary Mathematics
  • Designing Concept-Based Language Units in the Primary Classroom


    Rachel consults to schools internationally. She works with teachers and administrators to develop concept-based units and scope and sequence documents that clearly articulate conceptual understandings, knowledge and skills.


    • In person
    • Skype/ telephone
    • Documents reviewed and written feedback provided
    For further information please contact Rachel at